Braces are appliances used in orthodontics that corrects, align and straighten teeth. It helps position them with regards to a person’s bite and improves the appearance of the teeth, while also aiming to improve dental health. Conditions under crooked teeth, cross/deep bite and crowding may be harder to keep teeth clean rather than straight teeth and have a risk of being lost early due to decay or periodontal disease.

What are braces? 
How it works?

Braces work by putting pressure to gradually move teeth into their correct position. The main components of braces are the brackets and the arch wire that is placed into the brackets to connect them.

When is right time for braces?

Orthodontics is suitable for all ages, not only for teenagers. However, young patients tend to get results faster than adults. It’s because they are still growing as well as jaws, so it makes teeth easier to manipulate.

How long will I have to wear braces?
What are  SureSmile aligners? 

In general, braces will take about around 18 months to 24 months. It will vary from patient to patient because everyone’s mouths are unique. The only way to determine whether you need braces and how long you will have to wear braces is to have a consultation with dentist.

Wishart family dental offers payment plans for orthodontic treatments (conditions apply). Please ask one of our friendly staff for your future orthodontic treatment.

SureSmile is a type of clear aligner plastic tray individually made to straighten teeth. They are made by digital scans of your teeth by experts using the latest technology and proven materials.  You are given sets of trays at the commencement of your treatment. The trays will be changed every two weeks as each set will have a new position for your teeth to move into. This self managed treatment means less visits to your dentist for adjustments - this means more free time for those with a busy schedule. Please contact our surgery on 07 3219 1288 if you are interested in clear aligners such as SureSmile.

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