Crown and Bridge

What is a crown?

What is a bridge?

Single visit crown? 

A dental crown is a cap that covers the whole surface of the tooth, returning it to its ideal shape and size. There are several kinds of crowns, but porcelain crowns are the most common. 

A dental bridge essentially fills the gap created by one or more missing teeth. The bridge is held in position by securing the bridge on to the teeth adjacent to the gap. It is similar in appearance to a crown.

Wishart Family Dental now offers single visit crown using the latest dental technology. At the appointment the the tooth is prepared for the crown, digital scans are taken, the dentist then designs your tooth sends it to our in house milling machine. Once the tooth has been made the dentist will try in the tooth to make sure it fits perfectly and then the tooth is put into the furnace to reach its maximum strength.  Once it is finished in the furnace the crown is cemented on to the tooth.

To help make the crown/bridges last for several years, hygiene and care is very important. Similar to natural teeth, crowns and bridges offer no lifetime guarantee. Good dental and oral hygiene plays an important role in the maintenance of crowns/bridges.