cRown AND


A crown is a single unit dental restoration, which completely caps over a tooth or implant. It can be made out of metal, porcelain or porcelain fused onto metal. Bridge is a multi unit dental restoration whereby, it replaces one or more missing teeth. A bridge contains an artificial tooth anchored onto natural teeth on each side.

The advantages of having a crown or bridge is to help provide structural strength for a tooth, improve the appearance, prevent stress causing damage to teeth, help maintain bite and improve chewing ability. 

To prepare for a crown or bridge, x-rays will need to be taken, to help determine if the tooth will require a root canal and post for the crown or bridge treatment. Two appointments will be required, at which the first appointment will be to prepare the tooth to fit the crown or bridge. Impressions will be taken at this appointment to be sent to the lab to fabricate your crown or bridge. The second appointment is where the crown/bridge is cemented onto the root. 

Hygiene and care is always critical to help make the crown/bridges last for many years. As with natural teeth, there is usually no lifetime guarantee with crown and bridges, it is all dependent on good dental and oral hygiene. Regular dental treatment is advisable and like natural teeth, flossing and brushing is recommended to prevent decay around the margins of the crown.